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AI-based road risk assessment
Smarter & safer mobility solutions for today and future generations!
Normal Sigma the intelligent risk assessment solution
Normal Sigma is an AI-based solution to improve the actuary process by providing a risk assessment that can be used to optimise pricing and portfolios. Unlike telematics companies that focus on driver behaviour (which has no proven connection to accidents), our Normal Sigma Solution addresses contextual information about the environment and the risk it poses to the driver. With this approach, it is possible to calculate the precise probability of a driver getting into an accident. Real accident data is used in connection with weather, traffic density, time of day, and many other parameters.
Understanding Risks
Risk assesment of individual drivers as well as entire fleets, insurance portfolios and even geographical regions.
Refined AI
Advanced Data Science models to identify the accident probabilities on roads.
Cloud based software solution with intuitive user interface.
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