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approach for insurance
Our solutions are bringing the future of technology to insurers, drivers and distributors. Join us to drive to a low-risk environment with fair pricing and responsible driving.
Normal Sigma the intelligent risk assessment solution
Normal Sigma is an AI-based solution to improve the actuary process by providing a risk assessment that can be used to optimise pricing and portfolios. Unlike telematics companies that focus on driver behaviour (which has no proven connection to accidents), our Normal Sigma Solution addresses contextual information about the environment and the risk it poses to the driver. With this approach, it is possible to calculate the precise probability of a driver getting into an accident. Real accident data is used in connection with weather, traffic density, time of day, and many other parameters.
Understanding Risks
Risk assesment of individual drivers as well as entire fleets, insurance portfolios and even geographical regions.
Refined AI
Advanced Data Science models to identify the accident probabilities on roads.
Cloud based software solution with intuitive user interface.
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We have been featured by many media outlets since our launch in 2017. Check out our media publications below.
Normal Sigma
for Insurance
Unlike our competitors, Normal Sigma provides insurers with a risk assessment solution that focusses solely on data parameters that have a proven correlation to real accident rates, such as weather conditions, traffic density and time of day. This allows us to offer insurers meaningful and objective data that can be factored into their actuary and underwriting models today, and begin increasing their profitability.
Lower Loss-Ratios
Through the precise accident probabilities that are assigned to drivers, insurers can significantly reduce their loss-ratios.
Risk Reporting
Risk reports can be purchase for existing or potential policyholders to provide information that can form the basis of a premium reduction or a change in portfolio composition.
Ahead of Telematics
Thanks to AI and additional environmental parameters that have a proven influence on accidents Normal Sigma is way ahead of current telematic offerings.
Free Smartphone- Based UBI Solution
We enable insurance companies to create their own Usage-Based-Insurance (UBI) product without high investment costs.

Our 'Open Source' App is available free of charge and supports custom branding. In recent years, the product has been developed and tested on more than 100,000 drivers and has been on the market for almost two years.
Contact us for more information about setup and benefits.
Open source
Our telematic solution is open source, and is free and available for anyone that would like to use it.
Our solution is smartphone-based and does not require hardware to be installed in vehicles.
Usage Based Insurance
Benefit from additional behavioural data to improve rates and customer retention.
Intelligent car insurance
Get a fair, skill-based insurance quote from insurers. In just 300km our app will assess your driving behaviour, and assign you a score based on parameters such as speeding, rapid acceleration and harsh braking. Use your score to access the best quotes from insurers in Switzerland.
Download Application:
The application is smartphone-based and does not require hardware to be installed into vehicles.
Driving history
Get a score for each trip you take, monitor your driving habits, and benefit from skill-based rates.
Accident map
Benefit from our "accident map" safety feature to help you avoid dangerous roads and determine the safest routes when planning a trip.
For Iphone
For Android
Monetize and engage your userbase
Create additional revenue streams for your business model by further monetizing your userbase while improving the customer experience. Differentiate from your competitors and improve retention by offering a gamified experience to your users.

Using an API, we can integrate our software into your existing application. If you like, you will receive the functionality that scores drivers based on their driving behaviour to encourage safer driving and also help them save money on their car insurance.
Contact us for more information about setup and benefits.
Additional Revenue
Add an additional revenue stream to your business. The more active drivers in your user-base, the more you can earn.
Increase Engagement
Enhance your customer engagement and experience by offering new features to your existing application.
Anonymized Data
The user's data is strictly anonymised for us and any third parties. We will only receive driving-specific data.
For Drivers
Companion app
For Insurers
Probability-based risk assessment
For Distributors
White label telematic solution
For Drivers
Companion app
For Insurers
Probability-based risk assessment
For Distributors
White label telematic solution
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