Durch die weitere Nutzung dieser Website bestätige ich, dass mir bewusst ist, dass "go2solution" keine Versicherungsgesellschaft ist und Softwarelösungen für sichere Fahrer herstellt. Ich habe die neue Version von Whitepaper gelesen und akzeptiert:

kasko2go meets Cryptaur on the path to the decentralized future of insurance


kasko2go team is extremely happy and proud to announce the agreement of strategic interaction with Cryptaur. This partnership empowers all the participants of the Cryptaur community to  purchase our tokens under special conditions starting on May 18.

As long as collaboration is one of the core elements of the innovative environment it is very important to join efforts with the projects that share your vision of how business should be done. Historically suppliers were forced to sell their goods at low prices, while end-consumers bought the same products for too much. Good drivers and bad drivers were treated equally — high premiums for everyone. Luckily, those days are gone.

For years and years the distribution of goods and products has been archaic and inefficient. The insurance industry has been successful in receiving bad press, not without reason — inadequate and unfair measures for tackling challenges have significantly tarnished the industry's reputation. The advent of blockchain marked dramatic changes within the insurance industry: its ethos is being built from scratch on the basis of transparency, fairness, and decentralization.

The advancement of tech innovations do not only change the way we communicate, make purchases, learn, etc. — they transform the manner in which the supplier interacts with the consumer. Innovations in computing, logistics, and the financial sphere bring about the new framework that removes most of the intermediary elements. The future of insurance is in the hands of the new, rethought relationships with the customers, where they become more responsible and fulfill the role of co-creator.

The mission of our partner Cryptaur is to disrupt the traditional commercial channels through the utilization of blockchain technology. Cryptaur is a decentralized Ethereum-based ecosystem that will act as a framework for a potentially unlimited number of specialized P2P services. The projects help suppliers and consumers of a most diverse range of goods and services interact directly, while increasing the economic efficacy of all transactions being made within the ecosystem. Ultimately, Cryptaur aims to bring products and services directly to the consumer via a decentralized mode of delivery without middle-man interference.

It is no secret that the pricing policies of the insurance industry have been one of the main reasons for low customer loyalty and low interest rate. It is true — insurers have long struggled to attract and retain customers. Being a low-touch industry, the interaction with the customer has been irregular, while customers expected high-touch, personalized service. The partnership between Cryptaur and kasko2go allows all the participants to interact directly, and the end-price of the product will only contain real production costs and a fair margin.

kasko2go is a team of ambitious and passionate people, and we are not afraid of challenges: we usually prefer to deal with them. Yes, decentralization has a long way to go, but we have broken it down into a number of implementable steps. We aspire that the cooperation with Cryptaur will make this path to renovated insurance more smooth. In pursuit of revolutionary solutions, it is essential to seek the endorsement of projects with the same values and beliefs. Hopes are high, as kasko2go and Cryptaur are looking in the same direction.