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Genadi Man, CEO of kasko2go, took the floor at the Elevate Conference

The first joined conference for IT-business and media, Elevate Conference, took place in Kyiv on February 22. We recall the topics discussed by the representatives of worldwide media, successful companies, and prospective startups, including kasko2go.


Genadi Man

CEO at kasko2go, Genadi Man, and CTO at Click-Ins Ltd (which is part of the kasko2go group), Dmitry Geyzersky took part as speakers at the third segment, which was dedicated to investment. They disclosed the topic ‘How Investors Choose the World-changing Startups’. The concluding presentation was made by Marvin Liao, investor and partner at YCombinator, with the subject line ‘What a VC Investor is Looking for in a Business’. This part was overseen by the managing partner at GrowthUP Group, Denis Dovgopoliy.


Dmitry Geyzersky


Marvin Liao

“In recent years Ukraine has seriously lacked conferences with a number of foreign speakers of high level. The Elevate Conference was the first to become a welcome exception: large numbers of participants, experienced managers and entrepreneurs among them, examining the opportunity of market penetration, numerous foreign speakers and Ukrainian star speakers. The result was dignified and useful”, — Denis Dovgopoliy thinks.


Denis Dovgopoliy

The first stage was dedicated to presentations by entrepreneurs. The program was opened by VP of Marketing at Readdle, Denys Zhadanov, who was subsequently followed by the project’s CEO, Igor Zhadanov. Through interviews, they spoke about their path ‘From an early idea to a global startup’. The following presentation was given by the founder of the Fedoriv agency, Andriy Fedoriv, with the subject line ‘Innovations in a Disruptive Country’. Julia Krasnienko spoke about the success of Looksery project in the presentation ‘How to Sell a Selfie for $150 mln’. Lastly, the founder of TemplateMonster, David Braun, offered a word of advice on product promotion and named his presentation ‘How to Make Elon Musk Tweet About You’.


John Koetsier


Stewart Rogers

The second part contained the lecture program from journalists, editors, and top world media contributors. The first speaker was the contributor to Forbes, Tune, Inc.’s John Koetsier, elaborating on the subject ‘How Journalists Decide what to Write’. Thereafter analyst-at-large at VentureBeat, Stewart Rogers, shared the secrets of the perfect pitch in his presentation ‘Pitch Better, Take My Money’. The program was ended by the journalist at Business Insider, The Next Web, and Time; Dylan Love, with his lecture ‘The Technological Singularity and Media’. Mike Butcher, the journalist and editor-at-large at TechCrunch, acted as the program coordinator.

“I really enjoyed participating at the Elevate Conference this year. The content was interesting and engaging, and the attendees were fantastic. I was blown away by how welcoming and open the people of Kyiv were, and how — especially for an inaugural event — how many people attended. I can see this growing into one of the more important events on the calendar over the next few years”, — analyst-at-large at VentureBeat, Stewart Rogers shared his impression.

We were happy to share our knowledge and expertise. See you at the following events!