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kasko2go establishes cooperation with StarLine

The partnership between R-Telematica and StarLine provides kasko2go with the new valuable collaboration — ties with the leading brand in the CIS car security market.


StarLine company occupies the leading position in car security market in CIS with 16 million clients. The technologies developed by StarLine are recognized as an original accessory by the leading car producers and recommended by the leading insurance companies as reliable car security. ScPA StarLine Ltd. is actively expanding representation of its advanced products and services in all countries and regions, providing the highest protection and comfort for vehicle owners all over the world.


StarLine Telematics provide an opportunity to control security from any part of the world. The combination of GSM+GPRS and GPS+GLONASS advanced technologies guarantee driver's safety. Simple and comfortable monitoring allows a car owner to locate the vehicle with an accuracy of up to a few meters.


kasko2go completed its transition with R-Telematica, becoming one unit company. R-Telematica in its turn has established strategic cooperation with StarLine company to offer the auto insurance domain multifaceted solution for security on the basis of state-of-the-art technology.

"The development of safe drivers community implies holistic approach, where the concept of security pertains to each and every aspect of life on the road. Collaboration with StarLine is yet another crucial milestone in our mission implementation. Technically, the strategic partnership gives kasko2go the extension of the subscriber base and additional distribution channel for our product. In a broader sense, delivery of the innovative solution demands ties with the prominent companies, cooperation with the top-notch experts and embracing cutting-edge technologies they elaborate. To that end, we are happy StarLine joins us on our path to new insurance", — as stated by Genadi Man, co-founder, and CEO of kasko2go.