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New partners in global mission

We are constantly asked the same question: what makes you think that it is possible to renovate insurance industry, which has always been that conservative? My answer to this is always the same — because we know how to do it, as simple as that. Every promising, forward-looking project relies on the team of talented and passionate people.

On the other hand, the creation of highly innovative application based on quintessence of cutting-edge technologies requires collaboration and involvement of numerous path-breaking projects. When we happen to find new partners, we are getting stronger and become closer to our ultimate goal.

We were planning the expansion to the Chinese market in 2020. The anticipation of entering the largest automotive market means a lot to us, and as I said before, partnerships help us to achieve our aims much faster. Thus, strategic alliance with the AlphaCar project provides us with the chance to acquire access to the Chinese automotive market  in 2018, right now. This means that the Asian market is being introduced to the community of safe driving and now it can discover and experience of the advantages of it to the full. AlphaCar is a powerful and unique project, targeting to create 50 million community this year.

AlphaCar project owes its quality to high-profile professionals that combine its team. Due to know-how exchange program the achievement of the goals is based on high-profile expertise of the powerful advisory team. With over 20 years of the extensive experience on the Chinese automotive market, kasko2go is proud to cooperate with Professor Shengli Zhang, top expert in the blockchain technology, and Bill Deng, experienced entrepreneur in automotive industry.

AlphaCar has developed the unique stance, which encompasses the global automotive domain, and usage-based insurance is ranked first within their paradigm. The missions of kasko2go and AlphaCar are aligned and are looking in the same direction — both the projects are interested in the development of the community, where everyone is a co-creator. AlphaCar will build a CTE (Community Token Economy) for the global automotive industry. And kasko2go becomes the exclusive partner in the countries of the European Union.

Still there are challenges in the current blockchain technology, such as resource waste from PoW (Proof of Work) mining, long wait periods for confirmation, and limited network transaction capacity, which makes it difficult to support real time DApps such as payment. However, AlphaCar’s data-on-chain DApp is a back-end application which does not require real-time implementation.

Thus the unique technology can be implemented by using batch asynchronous processing technology to store data from the AlphaCar community Token Economy on the blockchain. AlphaCar will provide the public with data query and display services through the blockchain browser, and will support data validations on the blockchain.

One of our missions is to  to acquire large-scale, real-time, multimodal data related to driving, maintenance as well as driver data, and leverage such big data for in-depth and fine-grained analytics, which would facilitate comprehensive, transparent, sustained and optimized services for our clients.

AlphaCar is a powerful project which can change the way the clients perceive insurance so now they can see and sense the dramatic transformations. The partnership with AlphaCar is the key to the decentralization of the global automotive industry. Being a member of the usage-based insurance family, we believe that deep personalization via big data gives birth to the new era of auto insurance.

In less than three weeks kasko2go and AlphaCar will find themselves under one roof for joint meeting. The two projects will be discussing and elaborating on the strategic planning of the further campaign.