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Perfect synergy: go2solution and Cryptaur community

Insurance industry finds itself in the beginning of long and uneasy path. However, the first transformations can be seen very clearly, their progress depends of the emerging innovative solutions and the ability of the market to accept them and respond to them. go2solution has consolidated all the huge technological potential to provide the domain with the tech quintessence that turns the traditional insurance upside down and changes the way things are done. We are aware of the fact, that no man is an island, and revolutionizing the entire industry needs credible partnerships.

Perfect synergetic partnership is like puzzle: one project is complementary to the other one. That is exactly the case of go2solution and Cryptaur. The strategic alliance gave the opportunity to fill in the gaps, get mutual support on the way to mission. Cryptaur is a powerful global platform with a clear understanding and vision of digitalized world. We have the toolkit for creating the decentralized insurance. Cryptaur was looking for philosophy, and go2solution was seeking for the community.

We are extremely happy and grateful to be chosen by Cryptaur as a partner. Dmitry Buriak, CEO and founder of Cryptaur is a true business visionary, thus, being supported by him means a lot to us. Dmitry Buriak is a heavy-weight businessman with extensive entrepreneurial experience in numerous domains, successfully running projects in Ukraine, Russia, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Lithuania and Vietnam.

As stated by Dmitry, the major goal of Cryptaur is to provide the participants of the community with the best application possible, getting past the large shareholders. This idea is fully in line with the philosophy of go2solution company. Having us as a partner is important for the 2.5 million Cryptaur community: for years huge amounts of money were thrown at insurance companies simply to let them make profits. Thanks to this collaboration we present the best product to our end user and let him earn by being a good driver.

Scoring allows to build the community of safe drivers and make roads more safe. go2solution builds up a vision on the basis of huge technological potential and passes it on to the Cryptaur community. At the moment the scoring service is launched in Ukraine and Russia. By the end of 2018 go2solution will provide the Cryptaur community with the opportunity to use the product, and the good drivers will receive tokens — both Cryptaur and go2solution — as the incentive.

«Our application can help the entire community. Cryptaur has a clear understanding and vision of the decentralized system. There is a complete synergy between the two projects: Cryptaur creates decentralized world, and go2solution creates decentralized insurance. We were looking for the community, and Cryptaur was looking for philosophy and filling. Know-how has entered the Cryptaur community, by now Kasko2go application has over 50k users. Thanks to blockchain technology we become the integral part of the global platform, and we are grateful for being chosen as a partner», — Genadi Man, CEO and co-founder of go2solution.

In the beginning of 2019 the service will be provided for the Vietnamese automotive market. go2solution is now negotiating with the insurance entities on the territory of the countries where Cryptaur community participants can be found. We want to give them the chance to get the best possible tariffs based on their scoring. The drivers receive bonus for being the owners of go2solution tokens. Thus, we will support Cryptaur community members where ever they are.

The next quarter will be marked by the launch of the exclusive version of the scoring application for the Cryptaur participants. The application empowers the members of Cryptaur community to earn go2solution tokens via safe driving habits.