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The community of safe drivers is now supported by a credible car service search platform

The philosophy we nurture and promote into society is creating a community of safe drivers, and the word 'safety' implies a lot of aspects. We believe it is essential for every vehicle owner to develop a habit of regular preventive car services. Serious damage, along with minor malfunctions, are likely to have consequences.

Safety maintenance is the responsibility of a good and conscientious driver: all deficiencies have to be adjusted and eliminated in a timely manner, as many of them present a safety threat on the road. Rather than fixing the damage on their own, drivers need to turn to highly qualified car care professionals for safe and secure repairs. But it takes a lot of time and effort to find good garage, right? That is no longer the case.

Our kasko2go team is excited to announce the beginning of cooperation with Autobooking.com international company. Aside from being provided with safety through an innovative insurance application, the drivers now have a chance to find, choose, and book an optimal and proven car service via the international marketplace. The platform provides valuable assistance; it helps to define the problem, reminds about regular maintenance, keeps car history in one place, and supports the client until the problem is resolved.

As far as safety is concerned, it is related to swift action here and now, right on the spot, regardless of whether it is an emergency or prevention. Autobooking.com makes it possible for the driver to find reliable motor vehicle garages within close proximity to their household in a matter of seconds. The platform goes far beyond providing a list of nearby car services, it provides the opportunity to book a garage without wasting time on formalities. The marketplace is equipped with a simple search engine, helping to find the service to meet the specific requirements.

We use lifestyle apps on a daily basis, so why shouldn't we do the same for our vehicles to make our ride secure and pleasant? The logistical approach of Autobooking.com organizes, rationalizes, and controls the interaction between the car service and the drivers. Each car owner uses the platform to formulate the specific issue and afterward he receives information concerning nearby garages, working hours, price, and makes reservations at his convenience online.

Building a safe drivers community means approaching the issue from different perspectives: due proper support, convenience, and reliability have to be ensured on every side. We are convinced that cooperation between kasko2go and Autobooking.com will create and sustain this new community on the road, where fair and transparent insurance comes together with high quality maintenance. Perspective tech projects need to get united in order to provide new global standards in traffic culture. We're on the right track.