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Normal Sigma Light
Get a free and limited chance to improve the
risk assessment of your
car insurance portfolio.
+ Simple implementation
+ Data evaluations within just 24 hours

Register now and assess 10'000 policyholders for free.
Offer only valid until 30 November 2021 - be one of the first 3 in your region to benefit from our free offer.
How our AI enables a more efficient and accurate risk analysis of your portfolio.
Our Normal Sigma Light solution makes it possible to calculate an initial accident probability for drivers in a car insurance portfolio with very few data inputs. There is no requirement for telematic data, so no more devices and no more spending months collecting data that may not even give you the results you expect!

We use a sophisticated system that processes contextual parameters to perform a risk assessment. Unlike regular telematics, we focus on parameters that have a proven influence on accident rates, such as weather, traffic density and time of day. Uniquely, driver behaviour is excluded until proven useful. With these new data insights, you will quickly be able to more accurately assess the accident-proneness of individual drivers and the claim frequency of your portfolio.
Assess up to 10'000 policyholders for free
Register now and be one of the first 3 in your region to benefit from our free offer.

Calculate the expected claim frequency of your car insurance portfolio.
Clear risk insights
Get a sharper understanding of the risk of each individual policyholder. Which means how likely they would be involved into an accident - with proven correlation, of course.
Ease of implementation
Let's have a light-touch implementation with us. Avoid time consuming processes, e.g. askig of your policyholders to migrate onto a smartphone application or install a device in their vehicle before spending months collecting the necessary data to assess the results.
Results in less than 24 hours
Our Normal Sigma Light reports are processed and returned to you within just 24 hours, once the policyholder's existing details and work address have been processed.
The Normal Sigma Light Solution
How it works?
Normal Sigma Light utilizes a large number of advanced technologies including AI and machine learning algorithms. This enables us to dynamically calculate accident probabilities for certain road segments in changing road conditions. The Light solution operates without telematics, and allows you to quickly and cost effectively estimate the risk of a driver based on two input parameters; the departure and arrival points.

Simulating a driver's commute
Through the analysis of over 0.5PB of data, we have identified that the majority of risk that a driver takes on the road is when they are commuting.

In other words, your risk of being involved in an accident during the typical commuting times of the day (07:00-09:00 and 16:00-19:00) is significantly higher than any other times. Hence, if we can capture the persons commuting, we can account for the majority of the risk that the person is taking while they are driving, as the trips outside of these times are typically far less dangerous.
Analyse your portfolio!
Get easy access to our dashboard, create accurate risk analyses for your portfolio and learn more about the risk each of your policyholders is taking.

Benefit from new data and risk insights that Normal Sigma Light brings.
No trials or hardware installation!
Once we have the snippets of information we need, our platform processes all of the data into reports, which are available to you in just 24 hours.
Your steps to deeper risk insights
Non-binding registration
Take advantage of this rare opportunity and apply now for a free demo of Normal Sigma Light. Registration is non-binding and all details will be discussed with our experts.
Deep dive session
In your personal session with us, we explain in detail how the solution works and let you know if your region is already prepared. Our goal is to work with you to establish the critical points for you, and maximize the benefits of our technology for you.
Your very own tailored solution
Together, we define the appropriate approach for your market. For each trial, we create an individual proof of concept that helps you understand the possibilities that our technology can bring to your current underwriting process.
Starting with the trial
After everything is settled, data is uploaded to your personal portal and within 24 hours you will see Normal Sigma Light reports for each of your policyholders (including but not limited to their expected claims frequency).
14-day demo phase
Use our platform for 14 days and discover the many ways Normal Sigma Light can improve the risk assessment of your portfolio.
Knowledge is king
At the end of the study, you will receive a final and customised evaluation showing how the risk assessment of your defined portfolio has improved thanks to Normal Sigma Light.
Test up to 10,000 policyholders for free
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