Продолжая пользоваться этим сайтом, я подтверждаю, что знаю, что "go2solution" не является страховой компанией и производит программные решения для аккуратных водителей. Я ознакомлен с новой версией Whitepaper.

AlphaCar joins kasko2go on the path to new driving culture

Having a global mission is a challenge. In the world where the technologies are renovating different industries one by one, we are driven by the goal of changing the meaning and the ethos of the insurance industry, which is quite difficult. For many years the insurance sphere have been struggling with numerous problems which is the result of rigid conservatism and unwillingness to open to something new. When the path is stony it is very important to be supported by the projects that share your aspirations, vision of the future and paradigm.

We are happy and excited to announce that we have established the partnership with AlphaCar, a team of professional, progressive people who bring us closer to our aim. Every successful startup begins with the squad of like-minded individuals, and if they appear to be high-class pros — the success is inevitable. With over 20 years of the vast experience on the Chinese automotive market, the AlphaCar team has JieBo Luo and Shengli Zhang in its advisor board, both having title of professor and being world-class experts in AI, Big Data и Blockchain.

AlphaCar is a community Token Economy designed by the development team to serve the global automotive industry. It will be used by all consumers and commercial players. The public blockchain will record all transaction records among consumers and auto commercial players so as to establish a trustless community Token Economy, and reward tokens to all community members who contribute to the community Token Economy.

For go2solution(Kasko2go) philosophy and community of safe drivers we promote it is extremely essential to cooperate with AlphaCar, as decentralization, digitalization and credibility are the core elements of the rethought and rebuilt insurance sphere.

The mission of AlphaCar is to create the community of 50 million drivers, which is why it has pinned high hopes on this collaboration. And go2solution(Kasko2go) becomes the exclusive partner in the countries of the European Union. This partnership means a lot to us, as we are looking in the same directions and our missions are aligned. During meeting in Japan, were signed the memorandum of understanding with respect to the synergy of the technological aspect of go2solution(Kasko2go) and the AlphaCar community.

AlphaCar has developed the unique framework, which encompasses the global automotive domain, and usage-based insurance is ranked first within their concept. The project seeks to build a CTE (Community Token Economy) for the global automotive industry. The key data of CTE members will be stored on a public blockchain through a DApp (Decentralized Application).

All consumer and business members of the CTE will be able to enjoy trustless services such as car design sharing, R&D sharing, car sharing, UBI, car trading, car maintenance and repair, and car financing. This will result in an exponential decrease of transaction costs, and an exponential increase in efficiency.

Historically the insurance industry has been to a great extent reliant on intermediaries as its distribution channel. It has characteristics of high per customer transaction and high commision. Usage-based insurance is the solution, and AlphaCar knows how to provide it.

The advisory team has international vehicle network top experts, top experts on international artificial intelligence and big data analytics, top expert in the blockchain technology, top financial expert. Everything about this project is top, and it is much better to achieve something big with the best people, isn't it?

The establishment of the collaboration between go2solution(Kasko2go) and AlphaCar means that the concept of the community of safe driving will find itself in Asia much faster than expected, and faster than in countries of America. The Chinese automotive market will be the one of the first to explore the new stance of the auto insurance, where the clients are supplied with credible services and safety is provided in all the aspects of life on the road.