Продолжая пользоваться этим сайтом, я подтверждаю, что знаю, что "go2solution" не является страховой компанией и производит программные решения для аккуратных водителей. Я ознакомлен с новой версией Whitepaper.

kasko2go wins the first place at startup competition at the first Armenian Вloсkchаіn forum

Yerevan, Armenian capital, became the venue for the first Armenian Blockchain Forum which was held on April 22. The unique event brought together the most prominent experts in blockchain from all over the world. Professionals from 20 countries came and shared their insights and vast experience. go2solution(Kasko2go) team was happy to become a part of the Forum, as it belongs to those events that give valuable information, inspire and ignite the will to achieve our objectives.

If you visit the official website of the Armenian Blockchain Forum, you will see the phrase, which is the accurate reflection of the event's main idea — "Digital Spring for economic development in the decentralized world". Decentralization of the insurance industry is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy. We do believe that the functions, people, powers are to be distributed from a central authority. The centralized models had fallen short: they are all about lack of transparency, censorship, and abuse of power. This is not how we see the present and the future of ethical business. So this event is truly important for us.

Armenian Blockchain Forum is the platform that builds a bridge between the entrepreneurs, market leaders to create the circulation of valuable information, best practices, ideas. Basically, the event generated the favorable conditions for the creation and development of the tech projects aiming to present the new picture of the business world. Obviously, the scope of the forum did not imply only local projects, it expanded to the foreign companies as well.

The Forum agenda was comprised of the four parts, including discussion on the future prospects of blockchain, its influence on the developments in the world, cryptocurrency investments and ICO projects. The event ran 12 workshops for those making their first steps in blockchain industry. The Forum also organized the roadshow for 30 investment companies from across the globe. The aggregate capital of participating investors made up $10 billion.

"We are a team of people with high hopes and very clear objectives. Our nurtured vision of a community of safe drivers has to be supported by rethought insurance and its players. And we are 100% sure that blockchain and decentralized approach as a result open doors to credible and transparent business. Using telematics, usage based options and decentralization can finally endow insurance with innovative and global thinking, and that is what go2solution(Kasko2go) stands for. Armenian Blockchain Forum paves the way for the new conscious business generation, and we are privileged to be in this flow, moreover, at the forefront of it", — Genadi Man, CEO and co-founder of go2solution(Kasko2go)

The event aimed to provide maximum output from the from the startups’ business efforts, so the participants of the Armenian Blockchain Forum had a chance to both —  present their projects to the investors during the pitch-session and conduct private negotiations with specialized funds. The event organizers did their best to invite the best people from different industries for the sake of useful connections.