Продолжая пользоваться этим сайтом, я подтверждаю, что знаю, что "go2solution" не является страховой компанией и производит программные решения для аккуратных водителей. Я ознакомлен с новой версией Whitepaper.

R-Telematica and kasko2go become one unit company

kasko2go company officially announces the transition completion, uniting subsidiaries in Russia and Switzerland. CEO of R-Telematica Dmitry Bakutin joins the board of kasko2go Liechtenstein.

kasko2go, an innovative insurtech company, the developer of kasko2go application, is an innovative insurance solution provider aimed at promoting the idea of a safe driving culture in society. Its in-house telematics solution and sophisticated scoring model powered by cutting-edge technologies, incorporating open source intelligence, signal and image processing, and text analytics allow offering individually priced motor insurance policies for safe drivers. At the same time, this technology helps insurance carriers acquire low-risk customers.

R-Telematica company is the world's prominent developer, integrator and operator of telematics hardware. The robust high-profile team creates a wide range of unprecedented flexible and universal solutions that are developed on the telematics architecture of the next generation. The company's mission is to provide real-time accurate information about driving via a combination of cutting-edge technologies.

kasko2go and R-Telematica have completed the legal transition process. As a result, kasko2go is now a holder of more than 90% shares. kasko2go team is happy to have Dmitry Bakutin, CEO of R-Telematica, among its board. Mr. Bakutin is responsible for strategic planning, software development, communication with insurance companies throughout GIS market (except Ukraine and Baltic region). Dmitry managed the cartographic projects, which were later sold to Google company.

"The merger of kasko2go and R-Telematica, apart from being closer to our respected partner, gives us access to big data in scoring, which will significantly improve our own scoring models. We have been working together for years to provide automobile market with the best solution possible, and R-Telematica proved to have the unparalleled expertise for this purpose. More importantly, the merger gives us needed stability for carrying out our common mission — creating safe drivers community", — as stated by Genadi Man, co-founder, and CEO of kasko2go.