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for Car Manufacturers


At kasko2Go, we understand the importance of safety for both drivers and passengers. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you play a pivotal role in delivering cutting-edge technologies that prioritize road safety. That's why we offer a unique solution that leverages our comprehensive accident prediction system to empower OEMs in their mission to create safer vehicles and enhance driver safety.

Risk Map Generation: Utilizing our extensive data analysis capabilities and statistical models, we create detailed risk maps that highlight dangerous areas on roads. By analyzing historical accident data and incorporating contextual parameters, we identify high-risk road segments prone to accidents. Our risk maps provide invaluable insights into accident-prone areas, enabling OEMs to better understand the potential hazards associated with specific locations.

Integration with In-Vehicle Systems: Our risk maps can seamlessly integrate with a range of in-vehicle systems, including GPS, Driver Assistance Systems (DAS), and Driver Alerting Systems (DAS). By incorporating our accident probability calculations, OEMs can enhance these systems with accurate and up-to-date information regarding the relative risk of different road segments.

With our integrated solution, drivers can benefit from advanced warnings and alerts when approaching high-risk areas. Whether it's a sharp turn, a congested intersection, or adverse weather conditions, our system provides timely notifications to drivers, allowing them to adjust their driving behavior and take appropriate precautions. By keeping drivers informed and aware, OEMs can significantly contribute to reducing the likelihood of accidents and improving overall road safety.


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