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Solution for Comparison Platforms

For Comparison Platforms


If you are comparing a platform that works with car insurance, kasko2go can be your best partner. Our products help insurance companies with 3 core goals they have. Decrease loss ratio, decrease claim frequency, and increase their market share.

We can help insurance companies using our cutting-edge system. We collect a huge amount of additional data about roads, traffic, geography, and demography. crimes accidents and etc over 800 unique parameters. Witch we marge with the insurer's classic data according to the GDPR laws and not including the personal data of the client. After we clean and merge all this data together, we use our transparent AI model to see how each parameter affects the loss ratio and claim frequency. By the end of the day, we provide the insurance company very accurate risk assessment with they can work with and decide how they want it to affect their pricing.

With you, the comparison platform we can give them a beneficial proposition which will give them the opportunity to analyze the whole market with us. Because we see you as a partner witch complete with us the most valuable product we are ready to cooperate and work together while splitting the revenue.

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