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Our solutions are bringing the future of technology to insurers, drivers and distributors. Join us to drive to a low-risk environment with fair pricing and responsible driving.
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Probability-based risk assessment
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White label telematic solution
Based on the Normal Sigma algorithm and the developed Accident Map, road sections or even entire routes can already be checked for their accident probability at any time. With this information, we have the possibility to identify potential accidents in advance and to pass on instructions on how to avoid them.

In combination with driving assistants or even autonomous vehicles, this information is the basis for preventing an accident.
Identify risks
Accident probabilities can be calculated precisely on the basis of historical and current data. Possible risks are shown to mobilists in advance.
Prevent accidents
Driver safe
We are convinced that thanks to this technology, the traffic safety of the individual is influenced, but this lays the foundation for making mobility safer in general.
By recognising the likelihood of an accident, alternative routes can be selected or, in conjunction with a driving assistant or autonomous driving, even a manoeuvre (e.g. reduction of driving speed) to avoid the accident.
Thanks to the unique routing of the Normal Sigma Accident Map, accident probabilities are reliably calculated in advance. By avoiding accidents, routes can be better planned and large and costly transport delays can be minimised.
Safe route planning
Low-risk routes can already be defined in advance thanks to the route planner
Reduction of delays
By avoiding accidents and traffic delays, unexpected delays can be avoided.
More efficiency
Thanks to forward planning, transport routes are implemented more effectively and efficiently.
With the extensive insight into accident and risk data, we can now offer a more accurate risk analysis with just two additional factors. Normal Sigma Light does not use any telematics data and can still calculate the individual risk of a driver.

Upload routes A to B (e.g. Home & Work adress) into our system and get an accident probability factor that allows a more accurate risk analysis.
No device needed
A more accurate risk analysis without the use of a telematics device, smartphone or other telematics data. Only the home & work address is required for the calculation.
Only 2 parameter
Fast implementation
On the online platform, the data can simply be uploaded and the result is available in a short time.
Only 2 additional parameters for risk calculation allow a 50% higher correlation of risk analysis to accidents.
Based on the same map and technology, our Pro solution uses the GPS data from the drivers to assess the specific trips that are being taken and the corresponding risk that the drivers are subjecting themselves to.

This enables us to identify the actual probability of the individual being involved in an accident
Lower loss ratio
Through our accident probability solution Normal Sigma allows to lower the average loss ratio by 25% or up to 76% with a portfolio of low-risk drivers.
Individual assessment
Get a report for each policyholders & allow potential policyholders to benefit from the most accurate available risk assessment in the market.
Ahead of telematics
Thanks to AI and additional environmental parameters that have a proven influence on accidents kasko2go is way ahead of current telematic offerings.
Risk Assessment without Telematic Data
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Risk assessment report
Individual accident probability
Portfolio report
Cloud Platform
Accurate risk assessment for any trio
Accident map
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Risk assessment report
Individual accident probability
Portfolio report
Cloud Platform
Accurate risk assessment for any trio
Accident map
Risk Assessment without
Telematic Data
Smart city
Create additional revenue streams for your business model by further monetizing your userbase while improving the customer experience. Differentiate from your competitors and improve retention by offering a gamified experience to your users.

Using an API, we can integrate our software into your existing application. If you like, you will receive the functionality that scores drivers based on their driving behaviour to encourage safer driving and also help them save money on their car insurance.
Contact us for more information about setup and benefits.
Additional Revenue
Add an additional revenue stream to your business. The more active drivers in your user-base, the more you can earn.
Increase Engagement
Enhance your customer engagement and experience by offering new features to your existing application.
Anonymized Data
The user's data is strictly anonymised for us and any third parties. We will only receive driving-specific data.
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