kasko2go an der Fachkonferenz für Telematik

At this year’s trade fair for telematics, organised by Versicherungsforen Leipzig GmbH, kasko2go CEO Genadi Man will speak openly about how car insurance companies can become more profitable and insurance customers can save money at the same time.

According to the statistics of the German GDV, car insurance companies have been recording a combined ratio of 90% and more for almost 50 years. Only around 1.5% of premium income flows into the insurance company, the lion’s share is spent on claims payments. In Germany in 2019, 86% of the combined ratio was caused by only 7% of the insured, while the remaining 93% pay premiums well-behaved. Thanks to telematics, light is to be shed on this. UBI (Usage Based Insurance) means that the individual risk of each driver is adapted to his driving style, resulting in a usage-based premium calculation. The cost allocation based on the polluter-pays principle also corresponds to the solution of kasko2go, which has been in use for over 3 years.

We believe in more profitability for car insurances, fairer premiums for the insured and safer roads for all

Today the company goes one step further. The insurance industry, particularly in the motor vehicle sector, urgently needs change. Companies such as TUI, Apple or Tesla are setting an example because they have managed to reposition companies or even an entire industry through radical change. In this sense, CEO Genadi Man presents the latest development “NormalSigma” at the conference in Leipzig. NormalSigma is the further developed form of a conventional UBI in the automotive sector. Behind the name there is a sophisticated AI, which feeds in further information in addition to common telematics data. With NormalSigma it is now possible for the first time for insurance companies to see real financial profits in their insurance portfolio. With the most advanced technology on the market, NormalSigma also allows low risk drivers to be rewarded with lower premiums. NormalSigma is the advanced form of UBI that opens up a whole new perspective for the auto insurance industry.

Investment in the future – kasko2go UBI Open Source

kasko2go dares the step and opens the access to your own developed car insurance UBI solution for everyone. From November 2020, the UBI technology of the Swiss start-up company will be available as open source – free of charge for all mobility, transport, app and insurance companies in the world. With this decision the management of kasko2go decides to make knowledge & development from 3 years of business activity openly available. A big step for a young company. For almost 2 years now, the product has been placed on the Swiss market in cooperation with Dextra Versicherungen AG. In the future other companies should be able to profit from it. “This is our investment in the future” says CEO of kasko2go, Genadi Man.