Growth for kasko2go in the Ukrainian market


2021 ends successfully for SaaS provider kasko2go. Before the New Year holidays, kasko2go CIS Sales Officer Ruslan Vasyutin officially confirmed the cooperation between kasko2go and USG in the Ukrainian market.

USG is a subsidiary of the international acting Vienna Insurance Group. The Normal Sigma Light Solution will introduce this cooperation's precise, high-quality risk assessment and portfolio management. The innovative Normal Sigma solution uses the latest data science methods to provide accurate risk analysis for car insurance companies. Accident probabilities are calculated based on environmental parameters and coupled with real accident data. With a 0.9 petabyte of data, kasko2go is one company that uses the most data and only the latest technology. Consider Tesla mogul Elon Musk, who propagates around 1.6 petabytes of data with his fleet.

Quote of Ruslan Vasyutin:
"I am highly confident that by partnering with USG, we will set an important milestone in the Ukrainian market. Furthermore, the cooperation with a VIG company signals and stands for great confidence in our solution."

USG strives to use innovations in the insurance market. Currently, the companies are in close negotiations, and we can hardly wait to announce further steps about the progress of the joint project.