kasko2go’s traffic accident prediction model is now available to insurers with a performance guarantee, backed by Munich Re, and is granted “seal of approval”


kasko2go provides an award-winning technology that is helping insurers achieve profitable growth. Their underlying technology is now guaranteed by Munich Re, one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance, primary insurance, and insurance-related risk solutions.

kasko2go’s solution analyzes traffic accident data in conjunction with weather, traffic density, time of day, and a variety of other variables to calculate the precise probability of traffic accidents occurring on road networks. With such ground-breaking technology, kasko2go has shown to improve insurance processes and profitability, while also improving safety on roads.

“Our technology is designed to help insurers identify areas for - and achieve - profitable growth. The technology is already proving to have a significant impact on the industry by leveraging and extracting practical value from AI”, says Tal Yampolsky, CEO of kasko2go. “Now with a performance guarantee, backed by Munich Re, we can bring our solution further and continue to deliver exceptional services to the industry.”

kasko2go’s technology had undergone a strict assessment, including stringent testing and technical due diligence in order to receive Munich Re’s “seal of approval”. It adds trust and credibility, and in case of an algorithm failure, kasko2go will provide financial compensation reimbursed by Munich Re.